Maserati Project24 Revealed As 730-HP Track-Only Monster

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And only 62 examples will be built.

Track day special cars are becoming huge business for automakers. Some recent examples include the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Lamborghini SCV12. Now Maserati wants in on the action with a new track-only model codenamed Project24. Based on the Maserati MC20 supercar, Project24 uses the company's 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged Nettuno V6 engine. But instead of making 621 horsepower like the road car, the track special gets upgraded turbos, bringing the total output to 730 hp. Sounds lively.

Power from the V6 engine goes out to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential racing gearbox with paddle shifters. The transmission is mated to a racing clutch and limited-slip self-locking mechanical differential.


This car doesn't just get more power than the standard MC20, it's lighter too. Maserati managed to keep the Project24 down to below 2,755 pounds (dry weight), a whopping 551 lbs lighter than the MC20. This gives the car a bonkers weight-to-power ratio of 3.72 lbs/hp (compared to 5.2 lbs/hp in the MC20).

Maserati kept the weight down by using an all carbon fiber central monocoque chassis with carbon fiber bodywork, with specific components in natural fibers a-la Porsche. To help the Project24 lap a private race track as quickly as possible, Maserati equipped with plenty of handling upgrades such as innovative double-wishbone suspension with semi-virtual steering axis, adjustable racing dampers, and adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars. A carbon ceramic braking system features Brembo stoppers and brake cooling.

There are no photos of the interior, but Maserati says the Project24 contains a two-seater non-road-homologated layout, but buyers can opt to delete the passenger seat. The car complies with FIA race safety requirements with a FT3 31.7-gallon fuel tank, FIA-spec fire extinguisher, and safety roll cage. Other interior features include an adjustable racing pedal box, adjustable steering column, six-point safety belt, carbon-fiber steering wheel, optional telemetry and in-car video recording, dash and data acquisition system, adjustable racing ABS and traction control, and air conditioning.

Maserati will only build 62 units, so we imagine they will sell out pretty quickly. No pricing information was announced, but CarBuzz has reached out to see if we can get a number.

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