Maserati Quattroporte is Ready for its Close-Up

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New video clip brings us closer to Maserati's new sedan, but no closer to the details we really want.

It's been about three weeks since Maserati released the initial images and details of its new Quattroporte, which were quickly followed by a series of videos. Still, there's been more speculation surrounding the new flagship sedan than there has been fact. Reports that the Trident marque has a long-wheelbase version and a new family of turbocharged engines up its sleeve are still speculative, with no further information expected until next month.

All we have to go on now is this video clip, showing the same beige sedan in close-ups of its exterior. A second video hosted exclusively on a dedicated website apparently shows a bit of the interior, but still that's nothing new. What we're hungry for, aside from more specifics, is some driving footage of the car out on the road where it belongs instead of on a turntable.

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