Maserati Rounds the Americas - By Sea

Maserati isn't just an automaker. It's also the name of the world-record racing boat that just sailed from New York to San Francisco.

If you were planning an epic trans-continental road trip, you could do a lot worse than a Maserati. In fact, you might argue that a GranTurismo or Quattroporte offers the ideal mix of luxury and speed for just such a trip. Now Maserati has set a new world record, only it wasn't by road. It was by sea. The 70-foot carbon-fiber sailboat called Maserati left New York on December 31, and has now sailed into San Francisco, setting a new record at 47 days, 0 hours, 42 minutes and 29 seconds.

The time represents a new record for a monohull sailboat, traveling the Golden Route down the Atlantic coast, around Cape Horn and up the Pacific to California, crossing the finish line at the Golden Gate bridge. In the process it traveled 13,225 nautical miles, beating the previous record by ten days.

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