Maserati Sail Boat is the Polo to Corvette and Aston Martin's Gap


The Maserati will attempt to set world speed records on three separate runs.

Maserati, the famed Italian brand of supercars and engines, isn't necessarily a new name in the world of nautical matriculation. Maserati powerplants have been the source of propulsion for several championship powerboats over the years and now they are trying their hand in the world of sailing. Maserati's sail boat built for speed has been creatively rechristened 'Maserati' and it has previously completed a round-the-world trek back in 2008-2009.

The 70ft VOR carbon-fiber mono-hull racing yacht has been trimmed of weight by 10 percent and will attempt three speed-record breaking runs: from Cadiz to San Salvador, then Miami to New York, and finally the long trip across the pond from New York to Lizard Point, UK. The sailboat was built and will be funded by both BSI and Maserati. "I am happy that two major companies have decided to approach the world of ocean sailing by supporting this important Italian enterprise," said Giovanni Soldini, who already has two circumnavigations and over 30 Atlantic crossings to his name.

"We intend to be the first Italian boat to set a record on an official WSSRC route and breaking the North Atlantic record has always been a lifelong dream of mine." The 'Maserati' will be captained by Giovanni Soldini. Soldini will skipper his 9-man crew through each route and attempt to win some glory for the Italian manufacturer. Each course will be monitored by the World Sailing Speed Record Council.

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