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To take on its German rivals, Maserati tests its prototypes at Germany's vaunted stomping grounds: the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Sit trackside at the Nurburgring for long enough and you can expect to see a variety of German prototypes undergoing testing there. Japanese cars, too. But Italian? Surely the Italians have enough tracks right there at home on which to test their prototypes. And not a few of them are owned by the Fiat group. Ferrari has its Fiorano test track and owns Mugello. Imola, longtime host of the San Marino Grand Prix, is officially named the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari. And Alfa Romeo runs its driving school at the Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Varano.

And yet Maserati opts, as this unusually elegant video indicates, to test at the Nurburgring. Why, you might ask? Because with the new Quattroporte and the smaller Ghibli to follow, Maserati has its sights set squarely on the German competition.

With the new Quattroporte already launched, the focus is now on the Ghibli, which Maserati will target at the likes of the BMW M5 and Porsche Panamera. It is expected to offer retuned versions of the same twin-turbo V6 and V8 engines as the new QP, as well as a diesel option, in rear- or all-wheel drive, but in a more nimble version of the QP's new steel chassis. Sources expect the Ghibli to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in April or, failing that, at the Frankfurt show in September. Following the Ghibli, we can expect Maserati to roll out the new Levante sport-ute and a sportscar based on the Alfa 4C - so watch this space for more.

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