Maserati Tests Quattroporte at Balocco

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New Quattroporte hits the test track under the cover of darkness and a little duct tape.

Automakers have been known to release images (whether moving or still) of their prototypes still wearing camouflage while undergoing testing. Maserati is not one of them, but the Italian automaker has broken with that tradition by releasing this little clip. The video shows the new Quattroporte running at the Balocco Proving Grounds, the Fiat Group's main testing facility in Italy's Piedmont region. Maserati test driver Fabrizio Galvan gets behind the wheel and in front of the camera to tell us how the new QP differs from the last one.

The prototype testing under cover of the night is only wearing minimal camouflage in the form of some black tape, but it hardly matters at this point since the car has already been revealed in full.

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