Maserati to Offer LWB Quattroporte


The new Quattroporte is bigger than the one it replaces, but Maserati plans to go even bigger with a stretched version.

Cars grow and cars shrink. Take the Maserati Quattroporte for example. The first generation was introduced in the 1960s and measured five meters from bow to stern. The fourth model in the succession was introduced in the 90s and was a stouter 4.5 meters long. The current fifth-generation model is back up to over five meters, but the new model is even longer than that at 5.1 (according to reports, anyway - we've yet to see official dimensions). Don't think, though, that Maserati is going to stop there.

In pursuit of market share held (particularly in the Far East) by long-wheelbase versions of the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ, reports indicate that Maserati plans to offer an even larger LWB version that will measure over 5.3 meters long. The extra space is almost certain to benefit rear-seat legroom, giving the Italians a proper limousine in which to chauffeur its dignitaries and wealthy elite. Hopefully, by developing and building it in-house (as opposed to outsourcing it for conversion), the long-wheelbase Quattroporte won't lose too much of its handling dynamics.

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(Of course we haven't driven the new one, but this writer drove the current model at its introduction and found it handled its heft with remarkable aplomb.) One way or another, the diversification of the Quattroporte family - which could also include a wider range of engines than the current model's V8 - ought to help Maserati reach its ambitious sales targets.