Maserati to Unveil GranSport Sportscar in Paris?

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Is the Trident marque ready to step out of Ferrari's shadow with a new mid-engined GranSport that could be ready for the Paris show in a couple of weeks.

With the Paris Auto Show rapidly approaching, we're getting more news every day of what to expect when the doors open in mere weeks from now. Some of that news is more exciting than others, but the prospect of a new supercar from Maserati has us salivating. The rumors have actually been circulating for a while now, prompted by statements made by Maserati's chief executive Harald J. Wester, but could be coming to fruition at the French expo.

In an email to its clients, Maserati recently hinted at what it has in store for Paris: "The world premiere of a car that opens up new frontiers in terms of exclusiveness, performance and style." That could be suggesting a new derivative of an existing model, but the mounting speculation is that the Modenese automaker is referring to a new sportscar. Anticipated to revive the GranSport name, the new sportscar could be built around the same carbon monocoque architecture as the 4C which Maserati will soon be building for Alfa Romeo, only with V8 power instead of a turbo four.

The model would target the likes of the Porsche 911 and Audi R8, slotting in below the Ferrari 458 Italia and above the 4C in Fiat's growing portfolio of mid-engined sportscars. If the anticipation proves warranted, we could be looking at a concept car or the production version. We'll have to wait to find out, but with the show opening on September 27, we won't have to wait much longer.

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