Maserati Trademarks 'Cinqueporte' Name

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Maserati has something up their sleeve, we're just not sure what.

All that we know for sure at the moment is that Maserati has trademarked the name "Cinqueporte", and that this name translates to "five-door". This certainly means something, but since we don't know what exactly, it's time for some wild speculation. At the moment, the only trident-badged vehicle with five doors that we know to be in the works is the Kubang SUV. This could simply mean that the 'ute is getting renamed, which makes sense, since Kubang is a terrible name.

On the other hand, the name is obviously closely related to that of the Quattroporte sedan, and even the font used in the trademarked new badge is the same as the one used for the Quattroporte. As exciting as a Maserati wagon may sound to a certain group of automotive enthusiasts (including most of us in the press), we have reluctantly accepted the fact that the renamed Kubang is still the more likely recipient of the Cinqueporte badge. We will still hold onto a small shred of hope that Maserati is just very good at keeping a secret, and the wagon could appear at any time. After all, a man can dream.

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