Maserati Unleashes New GranTurismo MC GT3

With the Quattroporte dominating the Superstars International touring car series, Maseeerati rolls out its new GranTurismo MC GT3 to compete in the GT Sprint class.

Maserati wouldn't be Maserati without racing. That's what Ferrari quickly determined when it took the reins of the Trident marque years ago, moving over some of its racing veterans and developing the Enzo into the MC12 to dominate GT1 racing. These days it's the Quattroporte that's claiming trophies in Italy's Superstars touring car series, but Maserati isn't stopping there. With the GranTurismo racing in the Trofeo spec racing series, Maserati has unveiled a new GT3 version of its curvaceous coupe called the GranTurismo MC GT3.

The latest competition-spec GranTurismo was revealed just days ago at the Fiat Industrial Village Motorfest in Turin and has already taken its first win in the Superstars GT Sprint class, where it competes against Porsche 911s, Corvettes, Vipers, Lamborghini Gallardos and Ferrari's own 430 and 458, among others.

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