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Maserati Won't Build Something Smaller than the Ghibli

It's time to go from exotic to simply being exclusive.

The Maserati Ghibli has so far been a huge success for the Italian automaker. In fact, it’s been hard for dealerships to keep them in stock. Smaller than the Quattroporte, the Ghibli is solid proof that consumers are anxious for a smaller Maserati sedan. However, a new report coming from Australia’s Motoring is claiming the Ghibli will be the smallest sedan that’ll exist in the lineup. With the exception of the upcoming Alfieri sports coupe, no other Maserati model will be smaller than the Ghibli.

In addition, Maserati won’t launch a model that’ll cost less than the upcoming Levante SUV. However, a Maserati official won’t rule out the possibility of price cuts in the future. Basically, Maserati is no longer trying to brand itself as an "exotic" brand. Instead, it’ll go with an "exclusive" status. Maserati still has ambitious growth plans, which will see it outsell Ferrari by more than 10 to one, with Ferrari soon to set a production limit of 7,000 units per year. Maserati, however, is planning for 75,000 annual sales by 2018. A good chunk of that number will come from the Levante.

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