Maserati's Electric GranTurismo Folgore Sounds Like A Spaceship

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A new video of the EV tackling the Nurburgring reveals something exciting.

A Maserati sports car without a soulful V6 or V8 under the hood is a strange reality to be faced with, but that's what we'll have to get used to when the fully electric GranTurismo Folgore arrives. A gas-powered GranTurismo will be launched as a rival to the Porsche 911, but the Folgore is expected to be the range-topper in terms of sheer performance. The mighty electric coupe has now been sighted testing before, and this time it was seen at the Nurburgring. Ordinarily, this would allow us to hear the sound of the engine for the first time, but for obvious reasons, that's not possible here. That said, it's not entirely silent, and we do get a closer look at its curvaceous body.


The car sports the telltale EV signs: there are no aggressive exhaust outlets, and a prominent yellow sticker alerts passers-by to the presence of the high-voltage battery that is found beneath the camouflaged body. Listen closely, and you can hear what sounds like a clever piece of active sound engineering. A low burble can be heard as the GranTurismo Folgore slows to a stop, followed by an alien-like resonance as it "'idles." These sounds will likely give the driver some sense of how fast they're going while also alerting pedestrians to the car if it is in close proximity.

The design itself isn't a surprise since we've seen similarly camouflaged spy shots of the gas-powered GranTurismo. The Folgore has unique wheels but is otherwise largely similar to its ICE sibling. It's very much a traditional Maserati coupe with a stretched hood and the familiar grille, but we mean that in a positive sense.

We also caught a brief glimpse of the interior. Specifically, we could see rounded controls on the steering wheel and a paddle shifter, possibly for controlling brake regeneration levels. Perhaps Maserati has figured out a way to simulate conventional gear shifts - after all, Toyota was found to be looking into creating a manual EV. The Folgore will make 1,200 horsepower from three electric motors, enough for a 0-60 mph time of under three seconds. We are hoping for a full reveal in the second half of 2022.


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