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Massacring Tires In A Screaming McLaren 675LT Is A Dream Come True

Hooning / 11 Comments

It’s a dream come true so don’t pinch yourself just yet.

Diehard car enthusiasts may be able to relate to the following experience: You're in a bit of a haze walking through a nice part of town when you casually wander into an exotic car dealership. After gazing around for a bit, a nice man comes up to you and says, "pick one." Of course you immediately point at the bright orange supercar with scissor doors that's been catching your eye for a while. He then tosses you the keys and says, "Congrats, it's yours."

Before you can hop in for a drive, your blaring alarm clock pries your eyes open to start another cheery day.

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What you've just experienced is a fantasy car dream, as good as a sex dream except for now you're not thinking about your ex the entire day. The green McLaren 675LT you see here is a car that those types of dreams are made of, so when someone tosses you the keys in real life you don't refuse lest you wake up from the dream and lose the opportunity. Luckily, Evo's own Jethro Bovingdon made sure not to turn down this chance of a lifetime, and the results we see here are spectacular, even if the tires beg to differ. They say 97% of human communication is non-verbal, which makes Bovingdon's job easier since all he has to do is utter a few words and fill in the information gaps with childish giggles.