Massive 10-Car Crash Closes The Nurburgring

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An oil spill from a McLaren 650S was to blame.

Seeing the Nurburgring cause car casualties is nothing new. After all, there's a reason why it's branded as the "Green Hell," as overconfident drivers get caught out by the challenging circuit practically every day. However, this accident was so serious that the iconic circuit had to be closed for an entire day last weekend to clean up the debris and treat the injured. Bridge to Gantry reports that oil spilled by a Lava Orange McLaren 650S on the track was to blame for the incident, which caused a chain-reaction crash involving 10 cars.

Everyone involved in the pileup survived, but 10 people were injured; four of them seriously according to local police reports. 30 emergency workers, five ambulances and a pair of rescue helicopters attended the scene. Among the cars caught up in the carnage by the spilled fluids was a BMW Z4 rear-ending an Audi R8 and slamming into a wall.

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Luckily, the driver in the video managed to keep their car under control when it started to slide after driving over the leaked oil which is difficult to spot. Photos showing the aftermath of the pileup look like the Nurburgring was turned into a demolition derby for the day. Another video shows more of the wreckage.

Sadly, it looks like the BMW Z4 was involved in further accidents after the initial shunt as it looks a lot more damaged in the second video. The circuit was closed for the rest of the day after being opened for barely an hour before the crash happened. Police estimate that the crash caused several hundred thousand euros worth of damage. It's a grim reminder of how dangerous oil spills on a race track can be. You have to feel for the gearheads who were looking forward to burning some rubber at a track day and left the event with injuries and a wrecked car.

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