Natural Disaster

Massive Detroit Flooding Has Destroyed Cars New and Old

Just imagine the insurance claims.

The Detroit, Michigan region has had a pretty bad week, in terms of weather that is. In case not everyone was aware, the Motor City and its surrounding suburbs experienced heavy rains and flooding last week. Around 4-5 inches of rain water hit Detroit in only a few hours. Drivers were stranded, highways shutdown, and car dealers could do very little but sit and just watch their inventory become ruined, or damaged at the very least.

Those increasing water levels hit parked cars and quickly reached the carpet below the seats where electronic control modules are located. That caused windows to begin moving up and down, trunks to open and close, and even airbags deployed. For one Chrysler Jeep dealer, 83 of the 85 cars on its lot will be a total loss, an insurance claim of about $2.5 million. AAA Michigan expects to total 60-70 percent of the over 1,000 car claims it’s received.

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