Massive Fail: BMW Parking Lot Drift

"There is no way that he just did that."

We all know drifting is a risky business. In general, its not for guys who like to baby their cars. Things often get damaged. At the very least, tires get shredded. But if things go wrong, can be much worse. This guy decided to do a little drifting in a parking lot, doing his best to avoid the lamp posts that are dotted throughout the lot. Many people love to try this, as its relatively safe, considering there are no people around and no other cars to worry about. That being said, there are still things to hit, as this video proves.

Hot on the heels of a video we recently posted of another E30 drifting fail, we see the BMW driver attempt a small power over, and then proceed straight into a poll. Its a shame as the car looked pretty clean. Luckily it seems like he wasn't hurt, except for maybe his pride.

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