Massive Flooding Strikes Jeep's Detroit Shipping Yard

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Dozens of new vehicles are likely ruined.

An early summertime storm swept into the Detroit, Michigan area late last week causing widespread flooding in parts of the Motor City, including a vital shipping yard at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant, home of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango. Some photos posted on Facebook show what appears to be the SUVs submerged underwater that reached as high as the windshields. Translation: those vehicles are now totaled. Extensive flood damage like that cannot be fixed.

The Detroit Free Press confirmed the situation after reaching out the Jeep's parent company Stellantis late Saturday. A Stellantis spokesperson stated the following:


"As a result of severe storms that came through Detroit on June 25, many expressways, surface streets and neighborhoods in the area experienced significant flooding, including the Jefferson North Assembly Plant and an adjacent shipping yard. Water from the plant was removed and second shift resumed at 4:30 p.m. An assessment will be conducted on the condition of vehicles in the yard. We have no further information to share at this time."

Unfortunately for Stellantis, it's not only newly built Grand Cherokees and Grand Cherokee Ls that were parked in this yard awaiting transport to dealerships. Several other vehicles are also victims of the flooding, including the Dodge Charger and Challenger, Durango, and minivans.

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Along with Stellantis, Ford's Detroit operations also took a hit. The Dearborn Truck Plant, home of the hot-selling Ford F-150, was forced to temporarily shut down Saturday. A company spokesperson confirmed shipping was still possible but employees were unable to get to the plant "due to the flooded area." The nearby Michigan Assembly Plant wasn't as lucky. Because of a roof leak, the Bronco assembly line was forced to shut down late Friday. But the good news is that Ford has formulated a new plan to make up for lost time and production of the popular Bronco will soon be back on schedule. That's very good news considering the Blue Oval still has some 125,000 Bronco orders to fill.

As for GM, it luckily emerged unscathed from the flooding, though it acknowledged several employees living in the Detroit region suffered flooded basements.

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Source Credits: Detroit Free Press

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