MASSIVE Ford Escape Discounts Available Now

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Depending on where you live.

The Ford Escape is an impressive little vehicle packing plenty of cool features, but it can be a little expensive. Fortunately, Ford is now offering some major discounts for those looking at purchasing a new Escape, with these applying to New York City, Detroit, Miami, and Los Angeles.

With competitors upping their game to take on the Escape, these discounts should help the Blue Oval to take a bigger slice of the pie here on home soil. As usual, these discounts come with various terms and conditions and apparently also apply to the hybrid model.

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In NYC, Ford is offering $5,500 off or $3,000 cash back and a zero percent APR for 60 months if you're financing. Detroit is not quite as lucky, with $500 off for new cash purschases and a 3.9 percent APR for 84 months. In Miami, cash deals are eligible for a $4,500 discount while financed deals get $2,000 cash back and zero percent APR for 60 months. Los Angeles has the best deal for those looking to finance, as this city gets access to $2,000 cash and zero perfect APR for 72 months. Cash buyers can take advantage of a $4,250 discount.

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These discounts come following those already offered for the Ford Edge and the Bronco and should help the Escape sell better in these regions. At present, the cheapest 2020 Escape retails for $26,130. Stepping up from the S to the SE will see you pay $28,995, while the SE Sport Hybrid will set you back $30,155. The SEL costs $31,155 while the Titanium Hybrid costs $35,440 and the top Titanium trim with a traditional powerplant costs $38,325.

These prices exclude the abovementioned discounts but do include destination and acquisition fees. Don't be surprised to hear of more discounts from the Detroit automaker early in 2021.

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