Massive New England Blizzard About To Bury Cars (And People) In Snow


Well, this is going to suck.

Those of you living in New England are no doubt already fully aware a "paralyzing and crippling" blizzard is heading your way. The blizzard warning has in fact already taken effect as more than two feet of snow is expected for areas such as New York City and Boston. An estimated 29 million people are about to endure the blizzard's wrath. This winter storm is so dangerous that between now and Tuesday, almost 4,000 flights have already been cancelled.

NYC may even break its one-day snowfall record (26.9 inches in 2006) in the coming hours. So to all of our New England readers, stay safe and don't even think about going out for a drive. Instead you can stay at home and read, for instance, CarBuzz. Let us know how you're all doing by sending in photos of the storm's impact on your cars. Again, stay safe everyone.

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