Massive Sinkhole Opens In Japan Swallowing Entire Intersection

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Maybe building a subway there was not a great idea.

Living on an island nation can be a tumultuous experience, especially one as active as Japan. If deadly earthquakes aren't striking it, subsequently causing massive tsunamis that wipe out villages and cause nuclear meltdowns, it's sinkholes that swallow up entire intersections and likely scare the crap out of occupants in neighboring buildings. The sinkhole occurred in Fukuoka, Japan, as workers were completing an underground construction project to expand a subway system nearby.

The Japanese government has claimed responsibility for the event due to the work. For our viewing pleasure, and to remind us not to mess with Mother Nature, residents at a nearby apartment got the whole thing on camera.

Apparently, the government engineers and workers didn't take into account that the work on the subway would weaken the surrounding area, and as we can see, the results of that failure to mitigate the subway construction had disastrous results. The residents of nearby apartments had to be evacuated to ensure that if the sinkhole grew, it wouldn't claim any lives. Surprisingly, the Japanese government claims that it will have that intersection back up and running within a few weeks. A special type of soil will fill the gap and keep the earth stable allowing for the intersection to reopen.

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The aftermath makes these rebuilding efforts look formidable.

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