Mastretta MXT Officially Begins Production


Mexican automaker Mastretta has officially begun production of their first sports car, the MXT.

Mexican automaker Mastretta will be rolling out the first units of their two-seat sports car, the MXT, beginning later this month at their factory some 30 miles west of Mexico City. The MXT is not only a source of national pride for the Central American nation, but it also has the necessary elements to make it a high-performance sports car. The MXT has a hand-built, rear-engine that allows the car to go from 0 to 60mph in 4.6 seconds.

According to the car's designers, it's been specifically designed for those who enjoy the track. The automaker's chief financial officer, Jean-Paul Capin, says that "On the track, it's a giant killer. You can race against really high-end sports cars, Porsches and Corvettes, because of the power-to-weight ratio and the way the cars are set up. On the track, they are highly competitive against those cars at a fraction of the price." While there are many doubts whether this small niche sports car maker can survive, the company has modest expectations of producing just 25 to 30 cars this year, 120 to 150 in 2012, and possibly up to 250 in 2013.

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Final pricing hasn't been officially announced, but it will likely be under $60,000. So will Mastretta become the Mexican Lotus? There are many doubts, but it'll certainly be interesting to see how the company will do in the near future.