Matchbox Releases Six New Porsche Collectables

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This is the perfect stocking filler for a Porsche fan.

Mattel recently revived the legendary Matchbox name and has started producing some seriously impressive little creations, including six models that will get every Porsche fan buzzing.

Young or old, every petrolhead loves a good die-cast model car, and these mini machines are making a major comeback thanks to brands like Hot Wheels. Matchbox has released these models just in time for Christmas, and the range consists of some contemporary models, some modern classics, and a couple of straight-up legends.

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The first car in the lineup is the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. This is a brand-new casting and features a red paint job. We know this might not be the most exciting Porsche, but the Cayenne has a loyal following, and this little model will make a great Christmas filler for an owner.

The next car in the lineup is a Yellow Porsche Panamera. This is a faithful representation of the original and looks pretty good from a distance, but the casting on the sunroof leaves much to be desired.

Next up is the mighty Porsche 911 GT3. This 997 model from 2007 designed by Ryu Asada and features a Porsche green paint job and black wheels. The final contemporary model is the Cayman, sporting a crisp white paint job.

Mattel Mattel Mattel Mattel

Then we get to the old stuff. The first of the classic Porsches is the cool-looking but often underappreciated 1973 Porsche 914. This car was born as the result of a joint venture between Porsche and Volkswagen, and despite being one of the slowest Porsches ever, it still managed to outsell the 911 during its model run, with over 118,000 units sold worldwide.

The final model is a badass 1985 Porsche 911 Rally car that looks ready to take on the Dakar. Everyone loves a good Porsche rally car, and the concept of a lifted 911 is still so popular that Porsche actually released a new version, the 911 Dakar this year.

This 1985 version takes us back to the glory days of Porsche's involvement in the rally championship and comes with a rugged front bull bar and a roof rack fitted with a spare wheel. Despite some casting imperfections and the odd missing detail, these models are pretty impressive and should lure a few Hot Wheels collectors.

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