Mate Rimac Teases Nevera Nurburgring Record

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We're willing to bet the production car record is about to be shattered.

An intriguing Facebook post from Rimac founder Mate Rimac suggests that the all-electric Nevera hypercar may be about to claim a new Nurburgring production car record. Freelance photographer Guido ten Brink posted images he captured of the Nevera attacking the Nurburgring's Nordschleife circuit, tagging the Bugatti-Rimac CEO in the post. Mate Rimac then shared a screenshot of the post to Facebook with the ominous caption, "Uh-oh."

The Rimac Nevera recently decimated 23 speed and acceleration records, and the car used for those feats was the same one captured here.

Putting these factors together, it seems that Mate Rimac is quietly confident that his car is about to reset the benchmark again. for Automedia/Instagram

For reference, the fastest production car around the Nordschleife is currently the Mercedes-AMG ONE, which broke the previous record by eight seconds with a time of 6:35.183 on the long-format course and 6:30.705 on the shorter circuit. In terms of all-electric production cars, the Chinese Nio EP9 holds the title with a 6:45.90, some way ahead of the next closest, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, with a time of 7:33.350 on the 12.94-mile long course, the Porsche beating the Tesla Model S Plaid by more than two seconds.

Given the Nio EP9 only had 1,341 horsepower at its disposal compared to the Rimac Nevera's 1,914 hp, the latter clearly has the outright power advantage. Whether it can translate that to a quicker lap time, however, is another story entirely. But we'd bet the Rimac is in with a strong shout, and may be going for not just an EV record, but the outright production record.

Everything it has achieved so far has been exceptional, and based on the driving impressions of those who have sampled the Nevera, it's far more than just a straight-line missile. for Automedia/Instagram

Mr. Rimac, who is highly active on social media, also took to Facebook this past weekend at Villa d'Este, smiling alongside the charismatic genius of Christian von Koenigsegg, with the caption, "Still friends. Game on..."

Rimac and Koenigsegg have a healthy relationship and work together on electronic components and batteries, but Koenigsegg has made no secret of its ambitions to chase one more top-speed record. This post suggests that the Koenigsegg Jesko may try to take back the 0-249-0 mph acceleration record the Nevera just set, and Mate is well aware of this.

After the Rimac Nevera smashed so many other performance records recently, Koenigsegg may have to reevaluate its plans; nobody expected an electric hypercar to be this darn good this early into the EV revolution.

Healthy competition is good for everyone, but if we're being honest, our bias towards combustion has us hoping the Swedish company wins this battle. That said, if this writer were a betting man, he'd put some money on Croatia's innovative EV manufacturer. for Automedia/Instagram for Automedia/Instagram

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