Matt Farah Drives a Corvette Stock Car

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Out in the Arizona desert a prototype Corvette stock car is tested and it sounds glorious.

This is what the possibly loudest Corvette in the world sounds like. It's such a fabulous noise of raw power coming from that small block V8 and the Drive channel's Matt Farah is lucky enough to be given the opportunity to get behind the wheel in this week's episode of Tuned. Farah meets with the guys from AVI racing at the Inde Motorsports Park in Arizona in order to drive and see what goes into creating such a monster. This is a tube-framed Corvette GTI race car that features a redesigned chassis with a body made from fiberglass and carbon.

The Corvette GTI was designed with three goals: to be the fastest, lightest and simplest to fix track-ready Corvette out there. It's basically a Corvette stock car and costs just $60,000. And to finish the day off right, the Farah and the guys go and shoot guns.

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