Matt Farah Finds Out If A Bone-Stock NSX Lives Up To The Legend


Farah owns a Skyline GTR, how does the NSX compare?

Finding a completely unmodified Acura NSX is not that easy. So when Matt Farah had the opportunity to drive a bone-stock 1991 model, he knew he couldn't pass it up. The red NSX that Farah drives had 85,000 miles on it, albeit with new Dunlop tires and Hawk HP brake pads. Other than those two items, the car was exactly how it was back in 1991 (tiny wheels and all). With a 270-hp V6, the NSX is not very fast by today's standards, but Farah still manages to enjoy his ride in the legendary sports car. So what did Farah think of the NSX?

90s cars didn't have the best steering, and the rack in the NSX is no exception. Hairpin turns are difficult thanks to slow steering and acceleration won't really impress modern Mustang owners. Despite its faults, the NSX does still deliver a fun driving experience, and buying one as an investment is still a pretty good idea.

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