Matt Farah Has Taken Delivery Of His Focus RS, One Of The First In The US

The car only had 300 miles on it, so Farah takes it to the canyons.

Host of the Smoking Tire, Matt Farah has a pretty nice taste in cars. Since he drives so many on a day-to-day basis, a car really needs to be special in order to make its way into his garage. Apparently, the Focus RS has made the cut. Farah has just taken delivery of a Nitrous Blue Ford Focus RS, which is our favorite color. With just 300 miles on the clock, Farah is quick to show us his new ride in the way we all know best, a canyon run. So how does the Focus RS stack up after all of the hype? Well, other than being dirty, Farah loves the car.

There are some faults. Farah said that he has struggled to get above 23 mpg, and that the dyno results have reportedly been all over the place for owners. The turning radius is also terrible, probably because of the AWD. Since this is Farah's actual car, we will probably get updates from him from an owner's perspective.

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