Matt Farah Joins Venom GT on World Record Run

This is the definitive look at Hennessey's 0-300 kph world record attempt.

In the latest episode of Drive's Tuned series, Matt Farah joins the Hennessey team in Houston, Texas, where it attempted the 0-300 kph record using the monstrous Venom GT. We know the team was successful, as Farah reported as much last week. The Venom GT smashed the world record at 13.63 seconds, a feat officially ratified by Guinness. Yesterday, an official video of the run surfaced. But this is the definitive video of the record attempt, taken from a range of angles and perspectives.

All you have to know is that the 1,500-hp 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8-powered Venom GT is now the fastest accelerating production car on the planet. The guys over at Koenigsegg better get their act together if they want to reclaim that title.

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