Matt Farah Learns Why You Shouldn't Hit Redline In An AMG Mercedes

These cars weren't really designed for race tracks.

Matt Farah has driven some impressive cars on and off the track. Sometimes Farah will deem a car to be perfect. Other times his test drives reveal a big fault. In a recent test, Farah takes a 2007 Mercedes CLS63 AMG on one of his famous "One Takes." The car has a 6.2-liter V8 with 507 horsepower, modified with an ECU tune and long-tube headers. When this car pulls away, you may want to take your headphones off. This thing will blow your ears out! The old CLS is a good value, too. Prices have now dipped into the low-$30,000 range.

The owner says that he has not had any problems with the car, but Farah uncovered an annoying fault during the one take. When you bring an AMG Mercedes to redline too harshly, it sometimes goes into limp mode. Annoying if you ever want to drive fast in a 500-horsepower car!

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