Matt Farah's Stage 2 DeLorean is What John Z. Never Built

If only that FBI sting operation/drug deal thing hadn't gotten in the way.

Most of you know the history of the DeLorean Motor Company. Drugs, Ireland, the early 1980s, and the FBI sting operation. All of it was true. Familiarize yourself if you’re unaware of DMC’s short but interesting history. You can’t make stuff like that up. Anyway, several months back the guys at Regular Car Reviews drove an unrestored 1981 DeLorean. Cool car, but it had its share of problems. But now our favorite poetic test drivers are behind the wheel of Matt Farah’s Stage 2 DeLorean.

It’s been given quite the overhaul, meaning everything now works as it should. So is the Stage 2 the stainless steel gullwing sports car John Z. DeLorean always wanted to build but just never got the chance?

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