Matt Farah Sizes Up the Evoque

The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah spends a week with the Range Rover Evoque, investigating the SUV's on and off-road capabilities.

In the latest episode of The Smoking Tire, Matt Farah discusses whether the Range Rover Evoque is simply a showpiece, akin to an accessory for the soccer mums of Beverly Hills, or a proper Range Rover worthy of the name. It may not be the most masculine car Land Rover has ever built, there’s no doubting the luxury SUV is a good looking car. It also has requisite off-roading skills befitting of a Range Rover, which Farah discovers after taking a lime-green two-door Evoque to California’s Hungry Valley offroad area.

While it may only have a 4-cylinder engine, big flashy wheels and no air suspension, it still offers plenty of Range Rover quality both on and off-road. In short, Farah has plenty of love for the ultimate cougar car.

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