Matt Farah Takes 1,100hp Switzer GT-R for a Spin

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Godzilla gets even more ferocious thanks to Switzer Performance. Matt Farah investigates.

With supercar-trouncing performance and some of the most cutting-edge tech on the street, most would call the Nissan GT-R more than enough. Not the boys at Switzer Performance, though. The tuner from Oberlin, Ohio, has cranked Godzilla up to 11 - as in eleven hundred horsepower. To see the results for himself (and to demonstrate them for the rest of us), video host extraordinaire Matt Farah went down to California, and brought the film crew from Tuned along for the ride.

The result, as you may expect, is one wild ride. The only downside Farah notes in the Switzer package is the $86,000 it adds to the list price.

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