Matt LeBlanc Almost Ran Over A Cameraman With A Porsche

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Not intentionally, of course.

New Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc nearly made a horrible mistake last month in South Africa while filming a segment for the show on a test track. According to The Mirror, who received the details from an inside source, in between filming LeBlanc "got into a Porsche they'd been road-testing, turned on the ignition and was about to take it for a drive. But he was completely unaware one of the cameraman was lying down alongside it at ground level, filming low shots." The camera guy also didn't realize what LeBlanc was about to do.

It was only thanks to a tracking cameraman who, in the distance, could see everything about to unfold and "started waving and screaming at Matt to stop" that danger was averted.

Fortunately he did, but didn't realize he nearly ran the guy over until he got out of the car. LeBlanc was clearly shaken and needed a few hours to collect himself. Definitely a close call there, but we couldn't help but think of the other time when LeBlanc "drove" a Porsche on screen.

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