Matt LeBlanc Looks Like 'Top Gear's' New Head Host: Here's Why That Might Be A Problem


Just give Chris Harris and Rory Reid the keys to the castle already.

With the departure of Chris Evans from "Top Gear," many people wondered who would be next up to sit in the lead host's chair. The show announced that it would not replace Evans, and now Variety is reporting that Matt LeBlanc will step into his vacated spot. The outlet, citing unnamed sources, says that the cast will stay intact with the former "Friends" star taking on a larger role. The report is as of now still unconfirmed by the BBC. Our own sources told us that Chris Harris was being prepped for the lead hosting role.

However, having LeBlanc take over as head host might make a bit more sense. He's a bigger household name than Harris and he has been on camera-YouTube doesn't really count-longer. The only issue with LeBlanc taking over the top spot is that he has a new CBS sitcom debuting this fall, "Man With A Plan." Variety says that CBS will work around his hosting duties, but as we all well know this show is a full-time job. Flying to the UK to shoot "Top Gear" and then back to Los Angeles (or wherever in the US) to shoot "Man With A Plan" is bound to be taxing. The show is in need of a serious overhaul and that is going to require a lot of work. Hopefully LeBlanc is able to carry the load, but if no there's always Chris Harris and Rory Reid waiting in the wings.

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