Matt LeBlanc May Leave Top Gear Sooner Than You Think


Might be worth not getting too attached to Matt LeBlanc in Top Gear.

We seriously doubt anyone is upset about motor mouth Chris Evans not returning to this year's new series of Top Gear. The show's previous success was predominately down to Clarkson, Hammond and May's on-screen chemistry, which Evans tried way too hard to replicate. In contrast, the new series looks very promising – new hosts Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid seem to have a very natural chemistry and look like they genuinely enjoy each other's company.

However, despite being appointed as Top Gear's new leading man, LeBlanc may leave the show sooner than you might think. The Daily Star reports that LeBlanc has already been in talks with the BBC about his retirement plans, and said he wants to quit TV within the next couple of years. "I want to retire in my early fifties," he said, in the hope that he can enjoy a more "personal life." You can't blame LeBLanc for feeling this way. The life of a celebrity is relentless, and he has been living this lifestyle for decades having rose to fame for his role as Joey in Friends.

But given that he turns 50 this year, his comments indicate that his departure could be imminent in the next few years, so it doesn't look like he will front the show as long as Clarkson, Hammond and May did. While the new series looks like it will redeem last year's disastrous comeback, Top Gear may have to reinvent itself yet again in the near future. Unless, of course, the BBC axes the show altogether - we wouldn't rule out that possibility if the ratings of the new series don't show significant improvement over last year, sadly.

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