Matte Pink Ferrari 458 Italia Molests My Eyes

This candy-colored Ferrari is proof that money can’t buy you taste but it can fund stupidity.

Spotted in Dubai by Youtube member LamboFanX, this is the latest sweet-sounding supercar to have befallen the unfortunate fate of being coated in a shocking shade of pink.

A pink Bentley Continental GT was painted for charity while Nicki 'Barbie' Minaj took ownership of another. Then there was the pink Camaro that raced in two NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races and we even had a pink Pagani Zonda C12 Roadster. But this must surely take the biscuit for most beautiful car ruined by its paintjob. Doubtless years were spent beautifying the stunning Ferrari 458 Italia, yet it took one tasteless fool just a couple of hours to make it look ugly.

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