Matthew McConaughey Shows Off Bongo Skills In A Lincoln Navigator

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A new Lincoln means a new and zany McConaughey commercial.

It's been a couple of years since actor and semi-professional bongo player Matthew McConaughey began doing commercials for Lincoln. Without question these commercials and McConaughey's style are unique to some, while others think it's all just plain weird. Thing is, McConaughey is helping Lincoln sell more cars. This writer even asked a Lincoln official about this subject and they immediately acknowledged the actor's contribution in helping to expand the brand's appeal to a new generation of luxury buyers. Hey, whatever works.

And now McConaughey is back, this time promoting the completely redesigned 2018 Lincoln Navigator. Like some of his previous commercials, not a word (at least a coherent one) is spoken as the Navigator stops at a train crossing.

Only a true artist, such as McConaughey, could manage to find a musical rhythm thanks to the surrounding nature and the incoming train. Please excuse the sarcasm, but we actually dig the commercial, so conveniently titled "Perfect Rhythm." And yes, we're fans of the new Navigator. For too many years it wasn't competitive enough against the hot-selling Cadillac Escalade. Thanks to the redesign, Cadillac recently offered a $5,000 discount on new Escalades in order to entice current Navigator buyers. Cadillac wanted them to trade-in their previous generation Navigator for a brand new Escalade instead. Not a bad offer, but we're willing to bet McConaughey's influence will get more customers into showrooms once again.

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