Maverick Buyers Receive Free AWD Upgrade Following Ford's Mistake

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We doubt anyone will complain.

The Ford Maverick is one of the year's hottest new vehicles. Production is officially underway south of the border in Mexico and it's only a matter of time until customer deliveries begin. But it turns out Ford made a mistake with some customer orders. How so? An incorrect configuration was accidentally offered. Instead of leaving certain customers high and dry, the Blue Oval is giving them a free upgrade.

A member of the Maverick Truck Club forum has uncovered an interesting piece of news involving an undisclosed number of Maverick customers who ordered a FWD 2.0-liter EcoBoost model with the optional 4K towing package.

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The thing is, that combo no longer exists, which makes sense because FWD vehicles typically can't tow that fairly hefty amount. Recent tests conducted by the automaker ultimately determined the compact truck wouldn't meet performance and engineering goals with FWD and the towing pack, so it was removed as an option only last month.

Fortunately, Ford is doing the right thing by offering these people three choices: remove the tow package, cancel their order without penalty, or add AWD for free. In our opinion, the choice is obvious. All-wheel drive is normally a $2,200 option. Who wouldn't want to get it for free?

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Affected buyers can also get the Trailer Hitch Receiver with a 4-point connector valued at $100. Saying this is a so-called "bait 'n switch" maneuver by Ford isn't accurate. The carmaker is the one losing some money here, not customers.

Ford is likely to begin directly contacting these people in the near future, if not already, to update them on the situation and give them a little time to decide which option they want. We doubt few, if any, will cancel their orders outright. Some might ditch the package but a vast majority will likely go with the free AWD upgrade.

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