Max Verstappen Becomes Two-Time Formula 1 World Champion

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He's the second youngest driver to win two championships.

Max Verstappen is officially a two-time world champion. He's the second youngest driver ever to secure two world championships, with Sebastian Vettel still in first. Verstappen is 25 years and nine days old. For reference, Lewis Hamilton secured his second title at 29 years and 321 days.

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Well done, Verstappen. This victory could not have been timed better for Red Bull and Honda. Honda's racing department recently announced its commitment to helping Red Bull develop engines, which earned it a spot on the livery. The Japanese Grand Prix is also sponsored by Honda. If this doesn't convince them to return full-time, nothing will.

Following a chaotic Japanese Grand Prix, Verstappen and Red Bull weren't even aware that the Flying Dutchman had won. The drivers had completed between 50% to 75% of the race distance, so everyone, including us, assumed that Verstappen would only receive 19 points.

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But since the FIA is all about implementing rules fiercely this season, as demonstrated by the dull Monza Grand Prix finish earlier this year, a little-known rule handed Verstappen his second championship.

The rule in question states that the reduced points are only applicable if the race is suspended and can't be resumed. The race also finished within the allotted three-hour window.

Charles Leclerc also finished second, which meant Verstappen did not secure the nine points needed to win the world championship. However, the Ferrari driver received a last-minute five-second penalty for gaining an advantage at the final corner. This pushed Sergio Perez up into second place and secured that crucial nine-point gap Verstappen needed over Leclerc.

There's already controversy surrounding this win. It seems Sir Max Verstappen can't win a championship without a cloud over it. Thankfully, four races remain, so Verstappen still has a chance to put a stamp of dominance on this season.

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There are still some records to chase, even though Verstappen has said several times that these kinds of awards have little meaning. The record for the most points scored during an F1 season belongs to Sir Lewis Hamilton, with 413 points.

Verstappen currently has 366 points and a world championship. With four races (and one sprint) still to go, the Flying Dutchman can easily claim that record.

As things currently stand, Verstappen already has the championship in the bag, Red Bull is on the verge of claiming the constructor title, and Sergio Perez is second. Red Bull will likely move its focus to Checo, as Christian Horner will want first, second, and the constructor's title.

George Russell and Sergio Perez appear to be too far behind Checo and Leclerc with so few races remaining. The battle for second place will be epic, as Sergio Perez is currently on 253 points with Leclerc just one point behind.

Our usual F1 breakdown will follow tomorrow morning, but for now, all the Verstappen fans can start celebrating.

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