Max Verstappen's Championship-Winning F1 Car Transformed Into Immaculate 1:8 Replica

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It only costs $10,000.

Amalgam Collection is well-known for producing intricate scale model cars that cost more than real-life vehicles.

Earlier this year, it revealed the $10,000 1:8 scale recreation of the Dallara IR-12, but if Formula One is your thing, you now have two championship-winning cars to choose from. A four-foot replica of Sir Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 was unveiled late last year. It's the car he used to score his seventh world championship title.

If you're a Max Verstappen fan, you'll be happy to know that Amalgam now offers a 1:8 model of the Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B, driven by SuperMax and Sergio Perez. It's a tiny replica of the car Verstappen used to win his first-ever championship at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year.

Amalgam Collection Amalgam Collection Amalgam Collection

The model perfectly recreates the RB16B's aerodynamics and livery. Red Bull Racing supplied Amalgam Collection with computer-aided design (CAD) data, which means the attention to detail is staggering. The CAD data was used to create 3D-printed, hand-finished parts. These parts were then used to create molds. which in turn were used to make a batch of cast components assembled by hand to create the replica you see here.

Over 2,500 hours of development went into this car, and it was only signed off once the Red Bull Racing designers and engineers were fully satisfied with its accuracy of representation.

Each car is 27 inches long and took 250 hours to cast, fit, paint and assemble by hand.

Amalgam Collection Amalgam Collection Amalgam Collection

"We have collaborated closely with Red Bull Racing for fifteen years now, first building models of the RB3 cars driven by David Coulthard and Mark Webber, before moving onto the double Championship-winning cars of Sebastian Vettel. Now we have enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate the latest success of a team that continues to earn its place at the front of the grid, along with a driver who looks well set to continue making Formula 1 history," said Sandy Copeman, one of Amalgam's founding partners.

The Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B 1:8 costs a whopping $10,483. While this may seem excessive, it's a lot cheaper than the 1:4 replica of Hamilton's famous F1 car. That particular model retailed for $35,000, so you could either own the scale model of a championship-winning F1 car or an entry-level A-Class sedan.

Amalgam Collection Amalgam Collection

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