Max Verstappen's Honda Civic Type R Is Back Up For Sale

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If you want to know what Verstappen's other car is like to drive, now's your chance.

While the F1 season is officially over, with Verstappen claiming another championship, your chance to get a small taste of the F1 world is back up for sale.

Last year, Max Verstappen was gifted a Type R, which was later auctioned. The owner of the Civic Type R has put it back up for sale via Catawiki after a little more than a year, which should come as no surprise as he was just gifted an Acura NSX Type S for his championship double.

The car is registered in the Netherlands, so American F1 freaks are out of luck here. However, anyone looking to bid on the vehicle in Europe should have no problem. The car has been well used, but it is in good shape.

Catawiki Catawiki Catawiki Catawiki

The listing states the Type R has around 36,000 miles on it- pretty reasonable for a 2018 car. There are some regular signs of wear and tear, hopefully keeping the price near average second-hand prices for a Type R.

Verstappen signed the dashboard on the passenger side of the car, and while it isn't explicitly mentioned in the listing, we'd imagine that the signed hat also comes with the vehicle. The F1 champ's signature is also featured on the car's rear bumper, just below the Type R badge.

Catawiki Catawiki Catawiki Catawiki

More importantly, the car comes with a full (though short) service history. This is just your average CTR with some dude's signature on the dash. We're curious to see how much that "dude's" signature is really worth, seeing as Verstappen has doubled his championship count since the car was new.

F1 memorabilia isn't cheap, much like the sport itself. Real-deal Formula 1 cars sell for hilarious numbers, doubly so if they've been wheeled by the people who raced them in-period.

Schumacher F1 cars have commanded tens of millions, and while we don't think Verstappen's car will bring such a premium, we'd bet it goes for at least $5,000 over market value.

Catawiki Catawiki Catawiki Catawiki
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