Max Verstappen's Honda Civic Type R Sold For $75,000

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Oddly, Verstappen's name is worth more than Michael Schumacher's.

CarBuzz recently reported that Max Verstappen's Honda Civic Type R was up for grabs, and now it has officially been sold.

The well-used Type R sold for a lot more than we were expecting. While Verstappen is a two-time world champion, the car wasn't under his care for long. It was auctioned off almost immediately after being gifted to him as a company car. Out of the 36,350 miles currently on the clock, Verstappen likely only put 50 miles of those on it while shooting a contractually obliged promotional video for the car.

We're not dissing Verstappen for not using it. What use does he have for a Type R when he has a garage full of exotica and his own personal jet?

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The second owner did not mess around. He used it in the way Honda intended, even though Verstappen signed the dashboard and trunk lid. The original listing mentioned the usual signs of wear and tear, which makes it even cooler. We expected Verstappen's signature to be worth $5,000 above the price of a used 2018 Type R, but we were way off.

Verstappen's Type R sold for 75,000 euros, which is roughly the same in American dollars, give or take a few bucks.

We did some online browsing and found that a 2018 Type R with between 19k to 40k on the clock is worth roughly $35,000, meaning those two signatures more than doubled the car's value.

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This proves that Verstappen's ex-cars are worth more than Michael Schumacher's. Earlier in 2022, Bonhams put Schumacher's 2010 Mercedes-AMG C63 Wagon under the hammer, expecting it to sell for between $60,000 to $113,000. The car eventually sold for $31,600, roughly what an excellent, low-mileage, non-Schumacher model sells for these days. When it comes to racing cars, nobody can match the German, however.

Verstappen was gifted a brand-new Acura NSX Type S a few weeks ago, and we'll likely spot it at some auction soon. It will be interesting to see whether the Type R was a fluke or whether the Verstappen-related provenance is already worth so much.

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