Maybach-Driving Rapper Killed in Atlanta

Victim reported to be rapper OG Double D, killed in a highway shooting in Atlanta.

Mercedes-Benz found that fewer wealthy customers were interested in its Maybach line of luxury limousines than it would have liked, prompting it to kill off the entire brand. But one demographic enamored of the car’s luxurious opulence was that off hip-hop recording artists. And now one such rapper has apparently been killed off along with his Maybach. The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon on Interstate 20 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Witnesses report seing gunmen in a white SUV shooting up the Maybach. Police are still investigating the incident, but rumors circulating the internet suggest that the victim behind the wheel of the Maybach was the rapper known as OG Double D. See the report below from Atlanta’s Fox 5 News.

As you can see from the music video below, the late "artist" also known as Freeband Double D was all about living luxury, with luxury cars and blinged-out everything - including his Maybach.

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