Maybach SUV Confirmed As Mercedes Talks Plans To Further Electrify Lineup


News of a Bentley Bentayga fighter was crimped by more batteries.

Mercedes has seven SUVs under its "G" moniker, including high-powered models under the AMG wing. Curiously enough, its top-tier luxury brand, Maybach, has only two vehicles, and both of those are based off of the range-topping S-Class. At a time when everybody and their mother is buying SUVs it's counter-intuitive for Maybach to not offer one. This is especially true when the competition is selling them (Bentley with the Bentayga) or working to sell them (Rolls-Royce and the Cullinan). But as Auto Express reports that's all about to change.

During the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche told the press that a Maybacg SUV was indeed coming. "I'd like to say you will be seeing it, but I'll leave it at that," he coyly remarked. Our best guess is that a Maybach SUV will be based off of the largest Merc SUV of the bunch, the GLS. Then again, we're treading unknown waters so Maybach could pull off something completely different instead. What we do know is that the SUV will be unlike its few competitors that stick to more traditional design. "Mercedes Maybach stands very much for modern luxury," said Mercedes' chief designer Gorden Wagoner.

"Where other super-luxury competitors take a more traditional approach. The difference is that modern luxury is a bit more tasteful," Wagoner continued. Now before you click your heels for joy thinking more V12-powered Mercedes are on the way, know that this isn't the direction the brand is headed in. During a separate interview with Mercedes' Vice President for Marketing, Dr. Jens Theimer, Auto Express uncovered that Maybach, like the rest of the Tri-Star brand, is trying to go electric. Unfortunately, the battery invasion won't just be restricted to the company's EQ range. The entire lineup, even AMG, will likely get the treatment. "We will, I call it, begin 'EQ-ing' our cars," said Theimer.

"We will also see electric cars from Mercedes-AMG and Mercedes-Maybach, so that's what we are thinking," Theimer concluded. While the timeline for either the SUV or electrified Maybachs is unclear, the pace at which luxury SUVs and plug-in hybrids have been released means we won't be standing around waiting for too much longer.


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