Maybe Jeremy Clarkson Is One Of The Desperate Brits Begging Ford To Buy A New GT

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Then again, has anyone seen Jezza beg anyone for a car?

Former Top Gear host (which still sounds weird to us) Jeremy Clarkson had sort of a love-hate relationship with his old 2005 Ford GT. He was desperate to buy one upon its reveal only to wait a couple of years for it to arrive. And then he had many technical problems with it and ended up returning it to Ford. He later bought it back and then sold it again. But now there's a brand-new Ford GT that'll go on sale in ridiculously limited numbers sometime next year. Will Clarkson take the GT plunge again?

That we honestly don't know. What we do know is that, according to the UK's Car Dealer Magazine, Ford has already sold its UK allocation of the GT "many times over." Some hopefuls sent checks to Ford in order to secure a car without even knowing the final price. Ford of Britain managing director Mark Ovenden stated that the company told its "dealers not to take deposits. We'll look at the applicants and the key thing to us will be that the car must be visible and help polish up the Ford oval." In other words, Ford doesn't want to see a new GT "sold that goes away into a private collection never to be seen again." Despite his recent firing, we figure Jezza won't have any problem throwing down the necessary dough. That is, of course, if he's even interested.

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