Maybe This Uber-Hating Taxi Driver Really Just Wanted An Uber Ride?


Then again, probably not.

Technology is changing the world faster than ever and this taxi driver from Toronto has real problem with that, specifically with Uber. To express this publicly, there was an anti-Uber protest organized by taxi drivers in the city recently and, not at all unexpectedly, there was some trouble – and it was all caught on camera. Recognizing the white Honda Civic was part of UberX, he quickly lost it. "This is UberX," he said referring to the Civic, and then attempted to open the driver's side door while also pounding on the window.

The Uber driver, obviously, tried to get the hell out of there, but the disgruntled taxi driver had other plans; he ended up getting a free Uber ride instead. So, anyone who wants to become an Uber driver, we recommend driving something fast, and fast can come pretty cheap, like a $21,000 Ford Fiesta ST. It'll be easier to dodge pissed off taxi drivers.

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