Mayhem Between SUV and Bikers in NYC Ends Badly

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This is just completely bonkers.

What started off as a sunny day in New York City quickly and nastily turned into mayhem when a pack of motorcyclists and a black Range Rover traded blows. Exact details are still coming in, but what we know so far is that one biker was killed after being run over by the SUV during an annual bike gathering. The driver was apparently trying to escape biker intimidation with his wife and child. The rest of the pack then chased after him, and soon surrounded his vehicle.

The SUV then managed to escape but not before hitting another rider. The pack continued its chase and eventually surrounded the SUV again when it got stuck in traffic. A biker then smashed the driver's side window with his helmet. The video ends here, but the driver was reportedly beaten into a coma.

UPDATE: The NYPD has reported that no one was killed in this disturbing incident. One motorcycle rider suffered a broken leg after being hit by the Range Rover. The SUV's driver, however, was attacked by the riders and suffered slash wounds to his face and chest. He was taken to the hospital and was released soon after. Police are still investigating the incident.

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