Mayweather Gives Protege Loaded 300: Should He Have Sprung For A Supercar?


Not all free cars are created equal.

Floyd Mayweather's love of cars has been well-documented here at CarBuzz. The man makes a ton of money and has just about every modern luxury car and supercar you can think of in his stable. In addition to being a collector he's also a giver, as evidenced by his recent act of kindness to boxer Ashley Theophane. The British boxer was given a fully loaded Chrysler 300 by Mayweather, his mentor. Theophane was surprised by the move, saying Money May called and said only to meet him at the dealership.

Now a free car is awesome, but Mayweather regularly drops millions on rides without blinking an eye. Hell, he bought his 14-year-old daughter a Rolls-Royce Wraith. Blood is thicker than boxing but the young lady can't even legally drive yet! Regardless it's an awesome gesture and just goes to show that when life is good for Mayweather it's awesome for everyone around him.

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