Mazda Caves To Desperate Miata Fans

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We have some good news for MX-5 fan boys and gals.

At the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, exactly 30 years after the original Mazda MX-5 Miata made its debut, Mazda revealed a special edition version of the car called the 30th Anniversary Edition. Along with a bold shade of Racing Orange Paint, the 30th Anniversary Edition includes unique 17-inch Rays forged aluminum wheels, orange-painted Brembo brakes, Recaro seats, orange interior accents, and a special badge with the car's build number.

Mazda will only build 3,000 30th Anniversary cars for the entire world and the entire US allocation of 500 cars sold out in just four hours. 60% of the 500 cars will be the folding soft top version while the other 40% will be the hardtop RF. If you weren't one of the lucky 500 people able to secure a 30th Anniversary Edition, we've got good news.

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Mazda issued a statement saying: "Hundreds of fans were placed on a waitlist and forced to cross their fingers. Now, Mazda North American Operations is answering the relentless requests by announcing 143 units from the original 3,000 produced will be available to the US to fans on the waitlist. The new total allocation to the US market is 643." This means there will now be 143 more opportunities to secure an allocation in the US, though it seems you needed to already be on the waiting list to be considered.

"We've said it for years, without our diehard fans, the Miata would not be a cultural phenomenon and best-selling roadster of all time," Masahiro Moro, chairman and CEO of Mazda North American Operations, said. "Fan response to the 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata 30th Anniversary has been incredible and we're proud to bring additional units to those on the waitlist."

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Customers who were on the waiting list will be alerted that new inventory is now available. Pricing starts at $34,995 for the soft top or $37,595 for the RF, while the automatic transmission option adds $500. We beg you, please don't get the automatic. Judging by how quickly these cars sold out, we'd say the 30th Anniversary Edition will at least hold its value better than a standard MX-5.

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