Mazda Confirms 5 New SUVs From 2022 And New Electric Platform

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The six-cylinder Mazdas are coming, starting in 2022.

Mazda has officially unveiled its plans to expand its SUV range in 2022 and beyond with a more comprehensive selection of models to meet the growing needs of the segment. In the announcement, Mazda confirmed the names of the new SUVs, that they will be built on a new architecture with new powertrains, and the company confirmed that the rotary engine is returning. But not in a way that will get your heart racing...

First of all, the new SUVs. Mazda will keep the CX-5 as its core model, but will expand around this with a slew of new models. In Europe, Mazda will launch the CX-60 and CX-80. These two products will set the standard for future cars and spearhead the European invasion. No images are available yet, but the design of these new models will likely be inspired by the Mazda RX-Vision Concept.

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The European engine offerings for the CX-60 and CX-80 will include plug-in hybrids with four-pot engines mated to an electric motor. There will also be the new straight-six and a diesel engine working with a 48-volt mild-hybrid engine. Kind of like Mercedes' turbocharged inline-six with EQ Boost, but with a diesel engine.

The CX-60 will be a two-row, while the larger CX-80 will have three rows. America won't get the CX-60, but we'll get a widebody version of the CX-70. Like before, Mazda will offer a sizeable three-row CX-9-like SUV but rebranded as the CX-90. The CX-70 and CX-90 will be RWD and AWD and will be powered by Mazda's new six-cylinder powertrains.

The US-only Mazda CX-50 will debut this November, sharing a platform with the Mazda 3 and CX-30, and not transitioning to a RWD platform as previously expected. It will, however, be AWD only. This new crossover will begin production in January 2022 and will be built in a new joint venture between Mazda and Toyota in Huntsville, Alabama.

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On the EV side, Mazda has introduced the MX-30 EV for 2022, which will be joined by a rotary engine as an on-board generator for EV models.

Mazda is currently working on an all-new EV platform, which will be the basis of several products. These models are scheduled to arrive from around 2025, which means Mazda will go fully electric by 2030. These EVs will likely all have the rotary range extender, which means Mazda will go from offering no rotary-engined cars to selling only rotary-engined cars. Unfortunately, the engine is not connected to the wheels.

The Mazda 6 replacement was confirmed earlier this week, but it has not been confirmed for the USA.

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