Mazda Confirms It's Working On A Rotary Engine For New Sports Car

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Despite Mazda doing everything to deny its development.

It seems like Mazda has done everything in its power to try to deny that it is working on a new rotary-powered sports car, even though the company has filed a patent that claims otherwise. We don't know why Mazda is trying to deny building anything cool, but there is proof that a rotary model is still on the table. In an interview with Wheels Magazine, Mitsuo Hitomi, Managing Executive Officer in charge of Technical Research Center and Integrated Control System Development at Mazda confirmed that a rotary was still in development.

In this interview with Wheels, Hitomi confirmed that "We're still continuing development of the next generation rotary engine" and that range extender technology is being applied to a sports car engine. We aren't sure how the new rotary engine could be a part of Mazda's new Zoom-Zoom 2030 roadmap that includes a revolutionary sparkless gas engine as well as a twin-turbocharged and E-supercharged RWD-oriented engine. "We cannot improve the rotary engine to the current conventional engine emissions," admitted Hitomi. He then went on to say that fixing issues such as apex seal wear and oil consumption were "the focus points for the new rotary engine."

"We are investigating various kinds of emission systems to ensure ideal conditions," said Hitomi. This interview is good news for people who really want to see a new rotary car from Mazda. We still have no idea if this car will ever see production, but this news definitely makes us feel good about the car's chances.

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